My gallery exhibit is tomorrow! / by Jonah Lobe

This is my first post for the new website!  I've really enjoyed writing posts for the Fireborne Blog, so I fully intend to keep regular updates going on this site.  Bookmark me!!

In OTHER news, I was featured in the Washington Post two days ago.  Who knew?

I'm excited for this gallery opening tomorrow, truly.  My friends Dan Bloom and David Ross at maDCap have been an enormous support in this endeavor.  Tony Muzzatti - who's been helping a lot with the social media aspects of "Fireborne" - has also been instrumental in a number of ways as well, and will be documenting this exciting process.

If you're in DC tomorrow (Thursday, the 5th), please stop by!  The party is gonna be BUMPIN, I guarantee.  I'd love to see you!