the alvani


Mikayla is an orphan of the Invasion and the last survivor of the Alvani Massacre.  Plagued with visions and haunted by an ancient evil, Mikayla longs for connection and for the normal life she’ll never have.

Now, the invaders have returned, and their leader—the magnetic and manipulative Geng Ja—will have Mikayla at any cost.

On the run, Mikayla encounters the Feraaji, and sees in him a weapon she can turn on the Invasion.  But the assassin’s mind is unraveling, and Mikayla’s own demon draws closer every night.  As war threatens to swallow them, Mikayla must decipher the plans of Geng Ja and defeat the demon in her dreams, or else she—and the fledgling nation of Fold – will be lost.