Dear Dreamer,

I’m Jonah Lobe.  From the wind-blown dragons of Skyrim to the slovenly supermutants of Fallout, I've specialized in the strange and the fantastic - in armors of bone and scale, in wooden masks and two-handed blades of bronze.  I’m a character artist, a concept artist, an illustrator, and a storyteller.  I love making art, but what truly drives me in life is a desire to cultivate creativity, imagination, and talent in others.

You came here because you have visions - of characters and creatures and worlds beyond ours.  These visions ache for expression.

Let’s free them.




  • See artistic principles in action through start-to-finish custom creations.

  • Gain practical strategies that will immediately improve your art.


  • Explore new sources of imagination to expand your creative vision. 


As the gaming and movie industries grow larger by the year, so does the number of applicants.  It’s increasingly difficult to get noticed, and road-maps are hard to come by. That’s why I’m creating Myth Masters; a series of hand-made courses designed to strengthen artistic ability, expand creative range, augment your abilities as a world-builder, and help you invent content that is both original and iconic.


Beth, @BethDoubtfire


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