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With passion, humor, and practical tips, each entry in the Myth Masters series is designed to inspire and inform the aspiring World-Builder.  Across all subjects, my aims are the same: to enhance your core artistic abilities, provide you with a guided framework for original concepting, and expand your potential as a Creator.


Intro to Chimaera

Intro to Chimaera

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Runtime: 2 hours & 33 minutes


Myth Master I: 


  • Track the creation of three distinct creatures - the Night-Stepper, the Stormbjorn, and the Venement - from concept to final render.

  • Learn the Five Guiding Questions, which provide a road-map for the invention of original, iconic creatures.

  • Discover the methods used to blend creatures (as well as humans) to create hybrid animals that are utterly unique, yet anatomically sound.

  • Combine the principles of biology, texture, shape, line, personality and silhouette to forge an emotional connection with the audience.

  • Unlock the artistic and design secrets behind many of the most iconic movie and video game creatures.

Welcome to Chimaera, the first creature design course in the Myth Masters program.  In this course, we’ll explore how to integrate elements from real animals to create creatures of fantasy that are original, plausible, and iconic. As we forge three custom creations, we’ll delve into the powers of line and shape language, contrast and color theory, anatomy, biology, and personality.  By the end of Chimaera, you’ll be overflowing with ideas and ready to build. So dive right in - the primordial water of creation is fine!

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Second Skin, an exploration of character and armor design, is the next entry in the Myth Masters collection.  In this course, we’ll track the design and development of armor throughout history, and explore the myriad environmental and societal factors that dictated who wore what, and why.  Then, as we pass into the realm of fantasy and forge three distinct suits of armor, we’ll do so as blacksmiths, historians, costume designers, painters, and storytellers. Fantasy is more powerful when reinforced with reality… so grab a hammer and come in.

  • Explore the creation of three suits of armor – made from bronze, wood, and bone – from concept to final render.

  • Harness the powers of line, shape and color to create impactful, memorable personalities.

  • Fuse history with the fantastic to invent aesthetics that are both functional and iconic.

  • Learn about real, historical armor from the experts, courtesy of The Metropolitan Museum of Art!

  • Inform your audience about the politics, geography, and culture of your world through the use of materials, design, age and art style.


"Jonah is a master at breathing life into new and fantastical creatures and has distilled the very essence of that process into this course. Easy to follow and understand, I would highly recommend Chimaera for anyone looking to begin or further their journey in creature creation."  

Beth, @BethDoubtfire

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